Rockies Heli in Snowshoe Magazine

Rockies Heli-Snowshoe Adventure
October 10, 2017
Epic Winter Heli Tour
October 10, 2017

Rockies Heli in Snowshoe Magazine

We are always thrilled to showcase the rocky mountains in a way that people have never experienced them before and one of our most popular winter adventures is heli snowshoing. This winter we took an amazing group of writers and adventure enthusaits up Marble Pass to experience the adventure of snowshoeing where you cannot get to without the use of a helicopter. You can read all about the experience and the full article in the latest issue of Snowshoe Magazine.

Here area few of our favourite quotes about heli snowshoeing in the rocky mountains from the magazine article written by Charles Bethea and some images taken by Darren Roberts Photography.

“I’d heard of heli-skiing and even heli-biking, though I’d done neither. But heli-snowshoeing? It seemed to border on contradiction, like heavy metal yoga (which does, in fact, exist at a studio in Atlanta, where I live). But I was booked on a helicopter trip to a beautiful, remote mountain pass on the edge of Banff national park, in Alberta, Canada, which would have been all but impossible to reach any other way–short of sled dogs, which I didn’t have–in this, the dead of winter.”

“Looking around Marble Pass, it was clear why the helicopter had been necessary. There were no roads, or even trails, for miles. Just mountains and a frozen lake covered in ice and snow, big enough for an expert pilot to land on. Our pilot–now, poof, our guide–tossed a backpack on and instructed us to follow him for a trudge through knee-deep powder where no humans appeared to havebeen for quite some time.”

“The sensation was that of being a pioneer in the mythical winter kingdom of a bygone people. At least, that’s what my overly active imagination did to me.”

“A few minutes later, our well-timed guide broke out the large thermos of Kahlua-spiked hot chocolate in his pack. We gathered around and passed the hot beverage to one another. I know everything tastes better in the outdoors, but this stuff was incredible.”

If you want to know more about planning your own heli snowshoe adventure be sure to contact our team or check-out or snowshoeing information section online.

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